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Welcome to Gate Keeper Games

Monday 12- 10

Tuesday 4-10

Wednesday – Saturday 12-10

Sunday 1-6


Armada 3rd Quarter event kit playing this Saturday September 16th.

Prizes from the event kit and Gift Cert! Starts at 12 PM!

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Friday, September 15th 8PM, join us for a four pack dealers choice 4 pack draft.

First place: Nicol Bolas Playmat!



Now Playing Magic the Gathering this Wednesdays, Friday and Sundays.


See you there!



So more news to add: Bits and Mortar is this cool sight where you can get PDF’s of books you have purchased at cool stores like this one. Just buy a book from one of their contributing publishers and with an email address the PDF is sent right along. No fuss or muss! Now I’m a book-in-hand guy but having both with out having to pay extra is perfect for books in hand and tablet using among us all. Check out the website just to the left.


Also we now have the Detroit Tabletop Gaming League playing 40K, here on Tuesdays ans now expanded to Thursdays!! Check it out in the forums or on FB!


 Take a look at our new Forums!

Come out and play!