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Magic: The Gathering is one of the most interesting games that will not just capture your imagination but will also give you an opportunity to interact with the huge family of game lovers. To be able to access this game, however, you need to access a reliable game store like magic the gathering games stores in berkley. We have provided a platform where you will be able to meet with other game lovers, sell or even buy the best games.


There is never a dull moment at Gatekeeper Games as we have scheduled exciting events throughout the year. Magic: The Gathering tournaments and other game events are among the goodies that we have in store for you. If you are a newbie or a master of the game, we have something for you in our store. We have a lovely gaming area in our store where you will be able to play your favorite Magic: The Gathering game or any other game that is of interest to you. If you are new in the gaming world, do not freak out! Tim has provided a platform where you will be able to learn and his unique way of welcoming gamers will make you want to always come back for more.


Our Gaming Laws

  • At Gatekeeper Games, we love to have everything in good order and this is why we have a set of in-house rules.
  • No gamer should harm other gamers or allow them to be harmed in any way.
  • Gamekeeper Games in Barkley has not disregarded your need for special training. We have an active Facebook group that is meant to help you find a group where you will fit in. All you will be expected to do is to post that you need to play Magic- The Gathering and those who like you are interested in the game will connect with you.
  • All we are interested in at Gamekeeper Games is to play games. Our doors are always open for you to come in at your convenience. Want to bring your Magic-The Gathering game or any other game to the store? It is in order! You can come in as a group and take up one of our tables and enjoy your game.

Gatekeepers Games Daily Schedules

Any time you come to our store, you will never miss exciting games to engage in. You will be able to use our gaming area and also access our huge collection of games in a friendly atmosphere.

Among the games you can access daily in our store are:

  • Coup
  • Pandemic
  • King of Tokyo
  • Near and Far
  • Eldritch Horror
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Seven Wonders
  • Betrayal at House ion the Hill

We will be hosting more tournaments and gaming events

Come and show your creativity and prowess in gaming as you take on your fellow game veterans. If you are a newbie in gaming, this is also the right moment for you to learn the mysteries of your favorite game, Magic :The Gathering Stores In Berkley! As you watch the experts in the act, you will definitely grow in your gaming knowledge and who knows?


You might be one of the participants in the future tournaments!

You can follow us on our Facebook page to receive updates regarding any oncoming event or tournament. On our page, you will also interact with our other customers as you share your experiences whenever you come to us.


We offer discounts as well!

Did you know that at Gatekeeper Games, we offer a reward program as a way of rewarding you, our loyal customers? Keep checking on us or follow our social media pages to know as soon as an offer has been activated so that you can buy your all-time favorite games here.


To us, you are not just another customer, you are a fellow gamer and together, we will ensure that the thrill of being at Gatekeeper Games will never fade! Magic: The Gathering will always have regular weekly events. In addition, we play dozens of other exciting games in our store as well.

Our doors are open, and you can come any time that is convenient for you, either as a group or an individual. Tim, who owns our store, is always open to new ideas and suggestions that will make our big gaming family better.

Whenever we meet to play Magic: The Gathering, we feel connected and at ease. You can come in and enjoy playing the game with our accommodative loyal patrons who are always coming in to play the available games. There’s always something going on, so it’s easy to learn of games that you have not heard or before and learn how to play some of the games you only thought was played by experts. You never know when you’ll discover your new favorite game!

You can’t find your game in our store? Talk to us! We are always working hard to ensure that our customers never miss out on their favorite games, and you being one of them, we will comb the mountains to ensure that the game is available on your next visit.

At Gamekeeper Games in Barkley, we sell more than Magic: The Gathering. Tim, our store owner has a big heart and is willing to listen to suggestions and ways that we can make our store better. He will be of help whenever you need to learn a new game, or you are not sure what you want to buy.

Talk to us today or visit us at our premises. We are looking forward to more cooperation even as we plan to move to our new location in the near future. You are truly our greatest asset as it is your support that has made us come this far!


We are moving!

Yes, you heard that right! From 2019, we will be moving to the what used to be the Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop after they closed early last year. With this new arrangement, we will have a bigger playing area whenever you come in to play Magic: The Gathering and this means a much more space for you, the player!


With the current increase in the sales of Magic: The Gathering, among other games, and in the number of our customers as well, we are confident that this new arrangement will not only make our current customers more comfortable, it will also create room for new customers. We will not be moving from Barkley as this is where we belong! We want to keep serving you, our loyal customers and fellow gamers and this is why we are excited about this new step forward in our growth.

You can expect to find new couches, tables, and even an outdoor gaming area outside the building! Sounds amazing right?

What’s more! We may even have a food truck! You will be able to dine and engage in Magic: The Gathering game, which is our all-time favorite. We are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are as comfortable as possible when enjoying all your favorite games!

With the bigger location, will we still be able to serve you with the same great care you’ve come to expect? Of course! We will be hiring more people as soon as we open our new store to enable us to provide better services to you, our customers. It is always our delight to see a smile of contentment on your face whenever you come to our store either to play your favorite game or to purchase one.

We love Magic: The Gathering but we also offer so much more, there are hundreds of RPGs, trading card games, miniatures, and even board games. Whenever a new and exciting game hits the market, we are the first to stock it so that you can always stay ahead of your competition when it comes to game matters.

Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest release pack or when we have our grand opening at the new location.


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